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Monday, 12 November 2012

How to Install Android On Nokia 5800 , 5233 , 5530 , N97 , N97 Mini , X6 | Install Android on S60 V5 Mobiles By Symbian MAC!

      Well, Installing Android on a Symbian Nokia Device would be a good idea. People saying that it is not possible , impossible blah blah blah!
It is possible if we hack the Bootloader Of Nokia Phone ( Not Available Yet )

Here, I am showing you a perfect Genuine Android Theme For All Nokia S60V5 Devices.

Things Required :-

-G Desk . Rar Download Here!
-The Android File For Symbian Click Here to Download By SYM !
Link Updated 22/02/2013 !
Download New from Here!

How to Do This?

1-Download The Above File
2. Extract  and rename the folder as   “+GDesk”
3. Copy “+GDesk” folder to your phone memory
4. Go to +GDesk\Gdesk v0.33g Install SIS And install all applications, files listed below

Normally Phone will not allow you to install GDeskTaskManS60.0.33g.sis. It will give following error
Certificate is expired
You have to sign the application and install it
Or You Can Hack your phone , If you have our Custom CFw so just continue.

5. Now run GDesk from your installed applications.
6. Tap your screen and then click on Design >>  Load Design
select Android 2.1.gdd from your phone ALL S60V5! SYM!
VLocation : Memory card\+GDesk\Android 2.1.gdd
7. Now you have to go to options and tick following option for better result
Replace Main
Full Screen
Hide title caption
Disable menu tap

I Hope You find it Useful......
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I hope you find it useful.

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