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Friday, 9 November 2012

Symbian Anna For Nokia N97Mini | Custom CFW for Nokia N97 Mini By symbianMac!

Hi ,
     Are You Nokia N97 Mini User?
Want to update your Phone To Symbian Anna?
Here, its a right Place.

Whats is NEW :-

. No message from nokia
. New Qwerty C5
. Change Font
. Boot StartUp Fast
. Icon & Sub menu Icon N8
. Hide Clock by Swipe
. Restart OPtion When Press Power ON
. Sound Camera Option
. Change Profile Easy
. Save Sent Message 9999
. Theme Effect Off by Default
. Icon Memory
. Ovi Music replace with TTpod, Jukebox, PowerMP3 and Music Timer
. Kinetic Scroll N8
. theme custom options SymbianMAC!
. Send Software from Bluetooth
. Default Music search on E/Music
. Center Text On Options
. mod Brightness
. Language English

. C6
- Symbian Mac Hack Theme

Auto Pre-Installed Apps
. Auto installer
. Rom patcher 2.6
. Super Screen Shot 1.05
. Photo Browser
. Conversation Integration On Message
. Ovimaps 3.06 With Foursquare Check In
. Dictionary Eng - Indonesia
. free iSms

What is amazing  new?

. Support all language
. Support Emoji japan
. Support BB unicode
. Support Chinese
. fix user agent
. Fix usb charging

Attention !!
Dont use rofs3, just use file bellow, Before flashing, you must delete Sys, System, Resource, and Privat folder for best effect and dont operate your phone after flashing

Downloading Files :-

-Flashing Files Updated 2013 Click Here!

- JAF TOOL  Download from HERE Updated !
Password :- soumyasamanta12

1- Install JAF.
2-Do not use rofs3 make a full reset of your phone.
3- Make sure battery is 75% or above.
4-Place All the Files in C:/Program Files / Nokia / Phoenix  / Products / RM-555
5- Run JAF Software , It is normal if it says " ERROR , JAF BOX NOT INSTALLED"
6-Go to "bb5 tab"
7- Click Manual Flash , Dead usb , Normal mode , Untick " CRT-308"
8- Tick " Use INI " Select your RM and your Phone,N97 Mini  RM-555
Click On Flash and Click OK / YES

Now When it says " searching for you phone "
Just Press you Nokia N97 Mini   Power Button for ONE Second!
Its Done!

I hope you find it useful.

Full credits to Pnht24, as this CFW is based on Pinh24 C6v20 core.
Developer :- Pnht24

Specially Made For SymbianAnna Lovers and Custom Fw Lovers.
Challenge Finished ! CFW completed ! .

I hope you find it useful.

Any questions or having a problem So Contact below.


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