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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Installing Symbian Anna On Nokia 5800 , Nokia 5530 , Nokia X6 , Nokia 5230 Xpress Music { Video Included }

! Video For This !

Due to many request , I decided to make my Blog.
Stop talking and start working :D
For those who always obsessed with trying new things with their mobile devices, here is another version of Symbian Custom Firmware version name ‘Anna’ by Symbian Latino. This new CFW v7.5 comes with complete set of Anna icons, new keyboards, effects and many more features.

The File you need in this process are following  :

This is latest Symbian Anna V 7.5 In this You will get Following Features :-

-New RAM memory optimization (Exclusive)
-Tap Unlock with notifications enabled
-New Web Browser v7.3 with lower toolbar
-New Install Server correcting problems when installing some applications
-Desk with original transparent Widgets Symbian Anna (Exclusive)
-Created with the latest firmware versions available for each model.
-Built with the core of the Nokia N97 that allows better management of the RAM
-Processor speed increased to 536 Mhz fastest
-Support for emoticons and symbols posts
-Horizontal menu to full screen with the bar down
-Integrated Ovi Maps 3.6 Final (Exclusive Version)
-Language English and Spanish Latino
-Pure optimized Nokia Sources
-NOKIA built the new store STORE 1.16
-New default theme courtesy of Symbian Anna @ aj23thememaster Symbian Mac!
-Improved Sidebar improving much smaller space in all applications
-Full QWERTY keyboard Symbian Anna
-Image on and off the original Black NOKIA Symbian Belle Software.
-Tap Unlock unlock that increases memory performance and battery
-Behavior of Lights rescheduled
-Thorough cleansing of the firmware to get more free space.
-But all the other advantages of the previous version


5800Xm  60.03           RM-356 – RM-428            All Nokia 5800                                    --
5530Xm v40.0.003     RM-504                              All Nokia 5530                                    --
5230Xm v51.2.002     RM-594                             All Nokia 5230 RM-594                      Other RM
X6 XM v40.0.002      RM-559                             All X6 RM-559             The RM-551 with version V40

Method :-
                                  - Install JAF.Flashing Can Kill Your Phone!
-Turn Off your Phone and Connect it to Data Cable.
-The files which are above. Set the in Places.
-Place all files in C :\ Program Files \ Nokia \phoenix\products\ RM-XXX\
    (RM-XXX means your RM. It may be RM-356, RM-428 etc. If your RM is RM-356; Then make the folder as 'RM-356' )

-Run  PKEY Emulator. Its Normal that it says " Error : BOX DRIVER NOT INSTALLED "-Go to   '   bb5' tab.
-( Tick - Manual Flash, Dead USB, Normal mode) (Untick - 'CRT 308')
-Tick 'USE INI-Select your phone and appropriate RM from the list.-Click on flash.-Then Click OK when a dialog appears.

-Now Just When it says searching for Phone so Click The Power Button For 1 Second.

+Its Done ! Enjoy Symbian Anna!
Any Problem Or Questions So Ask me On my Facebook Page :
Symbian Mac ! Facebook
I only deal on my Facebook Page and You tube Chanel.
My YouTube Page See Must
See The Video I made Symbian Anna Nokia 5800 Xm. Above!

-If your phone is not listed in the List of Phone Models shown by J.A.F then do this step to select firmware files:

  you can do this:

-Just rename .core.C00 to .c0r first and then untick "use ini" option and then manually  select the files

1. MCU = .c00/.c0r

2. PPM = rofs2

3. CNT = rof3

4. APE  =  uda


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  1. can i do it on nokia c6 with 5800 symbian v5 too...

    1. Not Confirm. method is 100% Same but files will be different.

  2. and i cant find this C :\ Program Files \ Nokia \phoenix\products\ RM-XXX\

  3. Pls help my usb port is not working help pls how will I do it


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