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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Android on Nokia , The Nokia is dead , Newkia is Born Nokia CEO Thomas Zilliacus aims to create the Nokia Android phone you’ve always dreamed of

The Nokia rises from its aches , called Newkia.

  • We already have a team of senior former Nokia executives ready to run the business, and we are confident that we can attract the talent from those people who want to develop a competitive phone on the Android platform ( CEO Nokia

    Thomas Zilliacus)

    • Many people in Finland are mourning the demise of what's been one of the country's national icons.

      SOME BIG KEY-POINTS : Why Newkia ?
      The Nokia has the best hardware in the world , its amazing.
      We still have a Nokia N70 and you cannot imagine, it still gives 2-3 days battery , Great sound quality ( More than S2) , 2MP camera is much better than Samsung Galaxy Mini 3.2MP [ Remember its 8 years old phone ]
      Why Nokia 3310 is so much famous ?
      Its the Build Quality , can be used as hammer. NOT JOKING , WE STILL HAVE NOKIA 3310 Locked in a place.
      After talking with Nokia CEO Thomas Zilliacus on Phone Singapore , we have big hopes, good job man!

      Nokia has done a Good Job and we know it can do much more with Android, there is a hope.
      Nokia N-Series had played a vital role in the region of Nokia starts from N70 and goes to N9 with Symbian OS.
      Now Symbian is dead but Newkia joins Android,we hope to see new Nokia phones with Jelly bean 4.3 in market.
      The camera of Nokia N8 is still awesome and shoots great 720p HD video as compared to Samsung Galaxy S4 1080p video.
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      Watch this Interview of

      Thomas Zilliacus.
      Our developers are ready to support
      Android + Nokia = Newkia ( Definition by CEO Nokia)
      So it may perform outstanding with Android.
      Samsung with Android = Big Phones = Poor Battery = Poor Loud Speaker
      Sony with Android = Good Camera = Poor loud speaker
      When it comes to Nokia
      Nokia with Android = Best performance = Great battery = Clear & loud Music Speaker
      Nokia really has potential to make great phones.
      People always lose battery and music tempo with Galaxy and Sony phones.
      It is admitted that Nokia can perform well with Android and will be the champion.

      Anyone excited? Any tips for Mr. Zilliacus? Comments
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