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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How to Install Software on [Any] Samsung Galaxy Phone - Full Tutorial by AndroidTechMAC

Hey Dudes,
                 Few days ago i went to a mobile shop and there were many people of software victim, their mobile software was bricked and they were willing to pay money for fix but actually it is not a big deal , so i decided to make a video to explain every single step to install software on samsung galaxy phone , its is very simple and no coding or programming required :)

Lets start , download "Odin" software from link below.
the second step is to download firmware of your phone , get it from here.
-------------------------------------- Testing ----------------------------------------------

For which phones this method will work?
well, it is working with almost 95% of Samsung galaxy smartphone series.
Tested phones are :
Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100
Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 and S3 Neo
Samsung Galaxy S1 I9000
Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500/I9505 ( I'm using it )
Samsung Galaxy Mini Gt-5570
Samsung Galaxy Pocket , Galaxy Y , Galaxy S Dous , S Dous 2
and many more i cannot remember.
---------------------------------------  Tip 1 -----------------------------------------------

The phones without knox can be downgraded to old android versions but phone like  S4 with 4.4.2 or lollipop 5.0.1 cannot be downgraded to old jelly bean 4.3.
Download USB Drivers for android phones so the blue light will be shown.
 -----------------------------------------Tip 2------------------------------------------------
Make sure you have backup all your data and battery is charged above 80%. No matter how much soft brick is your phone , just get into downloading mode and it will work , no more money wasting :)

Open Odin , select PDA and choose your respective file , wait for odin to respond and its done so connect your phone in downloading mode , if you are using a laptop so it should be on charging. Start and it will be done in few minutes if nothing goes wrong.

I might be making more informative videos like many people want to unlock their phones so i'll try to make it simple for you.

Watch Part 2 and Part 3 ( maybe part 4).
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Move to Part 2 Commander :D

Part 2 : Pattern Unlock / PIN or Password
Part 3 : The best way to transfer your data / sharing data
Part 4 : Dual boot Window + Android [ level 2 developer ]
Part 5 : Depends upon requests.
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