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Monday, 27 July 2015

Convert 4G/3G into Wifi Signals | Make your phone 4G supported!

This video will show you using 4G or LTE ( same terms ) on any WiFi supported phone! Yes, you can convert 4G into Wifi signals.
Here is some explanation :
                                                Hi ,
      How To Use 4G on 3G Phones, 4G is  very advance technology but ! most of the mobile are not supporting 4G LTE and which support are very expensive to buy so here is video guide to use 4g on 3g phone.
                                                                            Actually 4G/LTE has high spectrum frequency e,g 1800mhz so it depends upon your phone's hardware that it picks it or not. If a hardware does not support 4G/LTE so you can not alter it , not possible but with MBB devices you can use 4g on 3g phone.

You can use 4G/3G/2G in single mobile device. We are converting 4G into 3G mobile data Wifi signals, it supports upto 150 MBPS.

How it works?
Get a 4G sim and this Mobile Broadband Wifi device. Insert 4g sim in this MBB device and it will convert it Wifi signals.

This device can be locked or unlocked so always get the unlocked version. Here are some links if you wanna buy it!

Link 1 :

Link 2:

now you can easily use 4g on 3g phone even if you do not have 4G expensive phone! You will get amazingly fast data connectivity in just 25$ ! So grab one device now!

[Update] Battery time of this device is 6 to 8 hours , it also gives you sms feature and be sure to check your supported frequency on device cause different countries have different 4G/LTE frequencies.
If you connect usb port to laptop to pc so you can also get internet on it. Its 4G LTE /3G and 2G fall back options. There many devices which has portable mobile hotspot feature so any questions so comment below.


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