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Monday, 8 August 2016

Nokia vision 2016 | Coming back of Nokia is worth? SYMBIANMAC!

How Nokia started and where it stands now?

Do we need Nokia back?

No doubt Nokia has best hardware even if it comes to battery life, they were known from their build quality and the determination to improve to become the best. Android is most popular brand and offers widest price range. Millions of Apps on Playstore are attractive for users and 95% application developers find it more beneficial to develop for Android platform. But still you don't get that premium feeling even if you buy 1000$ smartphone. Secondly , most exhausting thing is poor battery life of Android phones , no matter what we do they won't last more than 30 hours.
                                                               If Nokia somehow gets Android and merge it with their awesome hardware so booomm! you might get the best experience ever.

Customer Support :

                    I remember my experience with Nokia N95. I was wondering how can I solve my hardware issue because there was no Nokia Care Center at that moment. So I mailed Nokia. Got reply within 24 hours! they never asked me where I am from, they were just helping Nokia customer who was big fan of Nokia smartphones. However, my issue was not solved in 2-3 emails ( for every email they just took 24 hours to respond  so 2-3 days). They started calling me on my personal number to solve my issue ( international calls). In next few calls they somehow arranged a person who speaks my local language to get more clear details. It was not a software issue so physical support was required. My phone was still not turning on and problem existed. I lied that my issue is solved and they asked me whenever i need help reply to the email ( discussion ). In next 1-2 months I got news about Nokia Care Center is being opened in my city! . I visited Nokia Store and local person was not so welcoming. Nokia called me from Singapore and told me about their new store , I told them about the unpleasant behavior of local salesman. In next 2 hours I got call from store please visit us again, we are sorry for not assisting your properly. 
They checked my phone and said you can collect in next 7 days. On 4th day I got call from store to collect phone. My problem was finally solved and phone booted up properly and no data was lost. They also gave me Genuine Nokia Headphone as a GIFT. 
This was my personal experience with Nokia support and totally genuine.  

 Samsung :
                            Now , I own Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 ( international version ), I got it when it was newly launched and was running Jelly Bean 4.3 from stock. Few months later KitKat 4.4.x update was available ( announced on SamFirmware) , my phoneswas still not getting the update. I tried to reach Samsung Customer support. He started chatting me on their chat box. Our chat ended in 2 minutes, operator said we only deal local versions of Galaxy S4 .
It was also my personal experience with Samsung Support.

I personally would like to see Nokia back with all their traditions and premium quality. I'll buy Nokia phone if they come up with Android because I still trust them.
Let me know what you people think in comments.


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