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Saturday, 25 April 2015

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 4.4.2 Kitkat |Tutorial by AndroidTechMAC / SymbianMAC

 Things you need :-

  1. Odin Downloader
  2. Data Cable
  3. 70% Charged Battery
  4. ClockMod Recovery
  5. A Desktop Computer / Laptop with Windows

1st you need to Install Recovery , follow the link.
This is very simple tutorial , i understand that there are problems of links so i will upload all files to MEGA / Mediafire.
Also will make the tutorials simple enough so you can get it easily , do not be worry because of KNOX.

Links ( MEGA ) :

The above link is of Recovery , you need to Install recovery for this purpose.
                Tutorial is available for you " How to Install Recovery"


Method for Galaxy S4 SPH-720T. "T" is for Tri-band.

1) Get TWRP tar for jfltespr ( is the latest as of this posting)
2) Download supersu zip installer to either internal storage or ext SD
3) With the phone in download mode and Odin 3.04 set to NOT auto-reboot all other options UNchecked, flash TWRP into PDA slot. When done, remove battery and USB
4) Power up into recovery. If it's still stock recovery instead of TWRP, just redo step 3 
5) Flash

Done. The phone is now rooted. After rebooting system, open SuperSu and if you want to fully disable Knox, say yes to the prompt.

If you own SPH-720T so here is full thread link :


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8- ( Depend Upon Request)

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