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Saturday, 25 April 2015

How to use 3G / 4G and WIFI together /Mobile Data + Wireless- Download Booster on any Android Phone | Combine Mobile Data + WIFI

Samsung Galaxy S5 has awesome option of Download booster than merges 4g LTE and WIFI to get amazing download speed, now here is the way that you can get this awesome feature on any smart phone for free , Samsung Galaxy S4 , S3 , S2 , S1 , any android device works with 3G capability.

Tested on Xperia Z1 , Xperia Z2 , Galaxy S4 , Qmobile A10 , Qmobile i9 , Galaxy S3 LTE , Galaxy Note 4 , Note 3 Neo , Nokia X , Nokia X plus and LG G3.

Just make sure your phone is rooted.


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